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Why Can’t She See Me?

Hey I’m Madie Duffy, when I was thirteen years old I started thinking seriously about killing myself.  I never knew it was going to be as scary as it became when they took me away in the cop car to the mental hospital. I thought it would be like summer camp. But this was no summer camp. It was more like prison.

Are you feeling suicidal?

Here are some signs you may notice you are feeling:

The first sign is lack of motivation.  I didn’t want to do anything, sports, youth group, or even just hanging out with my friends.

The second sign you may notice or experience is “social withdrawal”. I was spending more and more time alone in my room, hiding in my hoodie, and wearing headphones all the time. If you're doing this, this is a real sign you may be suicidal. 

The third sign is a change in sleep patterns. My sleep patterns changed completely, I found myself staying up until 1 and sometimes even 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. I then would end up falling asleep in class.

The fourth sign is a “loss of appetite”  I stopped bringing my lunch to school, and even when breakfast was ready in the morning I just wasn’t hungry.

The fifth sign is a “Decline in academic performance” I went from being a straight A student to having 3 C’s and a very low A from my 7th to 8th grade year. 

The last sign is “lack of personal hygiene”  My mom had to constantly remind me to take a shower and even brush my teeth. 

I really want this story to help people, even if it’s just one person. My best piece of advice if you are thinking about hurting or killing yourself is to distract yourself, without shoving those feelings down. Go for a walk or go get some coffee, you can even talk to your pet! Why? Because animals don’t judge! My dog has saved my life just by talking to her.  And, please, tell a TRUSTED adult how you’re feeling. I never wanted to break this news to my mom, but here I am 6 years later living on my own, happy and alive!



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